Breaking Bad Dog Habits – A Reference Guide

Sure you love your dog!  But you are not blind to his or her bad habits, either!   Some of them are driving you crazy!
You would love to know how to start breaking bad dog habit … NOW!

Is your dog a barker?   Is she a digger?  Does he love to chew your shoes (or the drapes or the sofa)?

Does your dog jump on your guests?  Does he suffer from separation anxiety?

Does your dog have flatulence?  Phew.   Or does she pee on the floor?

We will provide more detailed information on dog training with an eye to breaking bad dog habits in your pet.  This page is provided as a quick reference guide that you may use.

Each habit or behavior includes one or more links.  Some of these will take you to other pages in this blog that address the specific behavior.   Some will take you to inexpensive professional resources that we have researched and endorse.

All of our resources are based on a positive, hands off approach to training your pet!

Here, then is a list of behaviors that are listed alphabetically.

AGGRESSION: Aggressive Dog

Stop Your Dog’s Aggression Problems

Put an End to the Stress and Annoyance of Your Dog’s Aggression and Dominance Problems.

Learn Simple Techniques to Train an Aggressive Dog


BARKINGBarking Dog

Stop Your Dog’s Barking Problem

Yes!  You can put a Stop to Your Dog’s Annoying and Stressful Barking!

No!  You Don’t Have to Hear Constant Complaints from Your Neighbors about Your Dog’s Incessant Barking!


BITINGBiting Dog 2

Stop Your Dog’s Problem Biting

Dog Nipping and Biting is a Serious Problem!  No One Thinks that a Dog That Bites is Cute!

Here are Simple Techniques You can Use to Stop Your Dog from Biting and Intimidating People and Other Dogs!


CHEWINGChewing Dog

Stop Your Dog from Chewing

Save Your Shoes, Your Furniture, and Your Other Valuable Possessions!

Stop the Annoyance of Your Dog Chewing on Your Nice Things!

There are Simple Things You can do to Stop Your Dog from Chewing!



Want to Know More About Crate Training?

Having Problems Crate Training?   Want to Know More About Crate Training Your Dog?

Here are Some Great Tips and Solutions if You Use Crate Training.


DIGGINGdog digging

Stop Your Dog from Digging

Save Your Yard!  Keep Your Dog from Escaping!

You can Stop Your Dog from Digging in Your Flower Beds and Escaping Under Your Fence!

Learn the Simple Techniques to Stop this Bad Behavior


GROWLINGGrowling Dog

Stop Your Dog from Growling!

Is Your Dog is Scaring You, Your Family Members  and Your Neighbors?

A Growling Dog is Not Cute — It’s Intimidating and Disrespectful.

You can put an End to Your Dog’s Intimidating Growling!


HOUSE TRAININGHouse Training Dog

Learn How to House Train Your Dog

Stop Accidents!

Yes, Your House will Smell Clean Again!

Learn the Easy Tips on How to House Train Your Dog!


HOWLINGHowling Dog

End Your Dog’s Howling!

Does Your Dog Howl All Night?  Does He Howl when He’s Lonely?

Bet Your Neighbors Love You!  Bet You would like to put an end to Your Dog’s Howling!

Here’s How to Do It!


JUMPINGDog jumping on lady

Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People!

Are You Humiliated when You Have Guests?

Does Your Dog Jump on Everybody and Every Thing?

Here’s How to Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping!



Simple Puppy Training Solutions

Who Wants Their Puppy to be Well Behaved Around Other People and Other Dogs?

AND Have them Obey All the House Rules —

Even when You are Not Around!



End Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Is Your Dog Horrible About Being Left Alone?

Does He Display Horrible Behaviors When You Leave Him?

Put an End to Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety!


WHININGWhining Dog

Stop Your Dog from Whining

Is Your Dog is a Whiner?

If so, You Know how Annoying and Stressful that can be!

Put an End to Your Dog’s Whining Problem with a Few Simple Techniques!

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